Frequently Asked Questions


‘Will I be able to notice the GripGrip under my grip?’

No, if it is properly applied, following the instructions, you can't feel it. The key is to stretch the tape so that it is very thin and wind on just overlapping each layer. The grip will however feel more secure and stable.

My grip is still slipping a little with GripGrip on, why?

There are several possibilities:

  1. If your grip is old, the underside of it might be perished or dirty and will not bond with the GripGrip. It is best to replace the grip.
  2. If GripGrip was applied with greasy or dirty hands GripGrip won't bond well. This can also happen if the binding gets dirty, usually due to playing with a slipped grip. You can clean the binding with a small amount of white spirit - make sure it's dry before applying GripGrip.
  3. If you have a strong bottom hand you might need to apply more GripGrip , please check the application video.
  4. On Junior bats the handles can be very thin and the grip quite loose (grips come in one size), try putting on a double thickness of GripGrip.
‘Is it easy to remove a grip held on by GripGrip?’

Simply roll the grip off as usual, although it will be much tighter than without GripGrip . If the grip has been on for a long time and you want to change grips you can cut it off. Slide scissors under the grip, cut and pull it off leaving the GripGrip , then carefully cut the GripGrip with a sharp blade and remove, being very careful not to cut the binding.

‘What is GripGrip made of?’

Soft, stretchy vulcanised rubber. It has been specialy formulated to go onto the handle as thinly as possible to negate any bulking under the batting grip.

‘Can I use GripGrip on loose binding twine?’

No, the GripGrip will pull on the binding and possibly damage it, always check that the binding is secure, if it isn't, have it repaired professionally.

‘I use two grips, will GripGrip work?’

Yes, but we recommend applying extra GripGrip further up the handle.

‘Can I use the GripGrip as a replacement for the binding twine?’

No, the glued twine stabilises the handle, without it the handle will gradually fall apart.

‘Will GripGrip leave a sticky mess on my bat like other tapes?’

Not at all, GripGrip has no adhesive, it simply binds to itself, after removal it leaves no sign that it has been on he bat.

‘Will GripGrip work in all playing conditions?’

Yes but in very hot conditions we recommend at least double the amount of GripGrip and in seperate parts of the handle. The best position to apply the tape is under the thumb and forefinger of your right hand and the top of your left hand. Try using 6" of GripGrip under each hand.

‘Can I use GripGrip with an old grip?’

Older grips tend to be stretched and it is important to roll the grip up carefully without folds, if you get a fold in it it will be hard to roll it down flat over the GripGrip as it will bond to the grip. Either use a new grip or take care that there are no folds! Old grips can also be perished or dirty and neither will work very well with GripGrip.

‘Why in the video does the tape go round a couple of inches up the handle? Does that not mean that the bottom couple of inches of grip can still ride up / move?’

The bottom of the grip doesn't move up the handle because it is the fore finger and thumb grip point of your bottom hand, that makes it move, that is where we suggest the tape should go. Also if the GripGrip is too low there is a possibility of it damaging the binding if it is at all loose.